Suspension Design Considerations | FSAE

Where do Formula SAE teams start when it comes to their suspension design and how do they test it?

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Blake Parish from the UCM - University of Canterbury Motorsport Formula SAE team runs us though some of the performance and vehicle considerations that go into tyre selection for both their internal combustion engine and electric powered single seater race cars which are built to compete in numerous disciplines for Formula SAE competitions.

0:00 - UCM FSAE
1:24 - Previous Experience vs Blank Sheet
2:12 - General Suspension Considerations
3:22 - Spring vs Air Shocks
4:28 - Mountain Bike to FSAE Single Seater
5:04 - Instrumentation and Sensors/Logging
6:24 - Simulation Helping Design
7:53 - Simulation vs Reality
9:03 - Tyre and Rim Selection
10:21 - Tyre Models
11:27 - Raw Data Conversion
12:30 - Torque Vectoring
14:15 - Driver Feedback to Torque Vectoring
15:20 - Subscribe and Learn More

The use of predictive tyre models and data validation from sensors like linear potentiometers are touched on as well as expectations vs reality when it comes to validating data from software like MSC Software's Adams Car, Ansys, Solid Works and MATLAB

With resources on tap that even some high tiered professional race teams do not have access to the testing that goes into both the EV and ICE FSAE race programs is quite remarkable and certainly something anyone with a slight interest in motorsports should get involved with while studying where possible.

What is Formula SAE? Also known as FSAE or Formula Student, it is a University level student design competition which is run and governed by SAE International (aka Society of Automotive Engineers International). The concept is to develop a small Formula (single-seat open-wheel car) race car which is then evaluated by a number of different static and dynamic considerations and events.

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