[TECH TALK] 1000HP+ is useless without Aero | AMB Aero

Formula 1 Technology on a Club Level Budget! Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero takes us through an in-depth interview on how you can improve your car's performance potentially from as little as the cost of a set of race tyres dispelling the long-held belief that only the highest levels of motorsport could afford such modifications that cater to not only the teams goals but also the drivers level of ability.

With World Time Attack Challenge lap times being reduced by almost as much as 10 seconds since the introduction of aero packages it is easy to see why it is playing a bigger and bigger role in the neverending quest for performance. Also discussed are some of the ways you can become an aerodynamicist, the importance of having any data, no matter how basic it is and data validation in relation to CFD and wind tunnel analysis.

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