[TECH TALK] Pro Tuner Tip - Fuel Pulsation Dampers | Radium Engineering

When upgrading the fuel system, a component that’s often overlooked is the fuel pulsation damper. You’ll usually find these fitted to the factory fuel rails by the OE manufacturer, but they are often thrown away when fitting aftermarket fuel rails.

Unsurprisingly though, these dampers serve a purpose, reducing the natural pressure fluctuations that result from the injectors opening and closing. Symptoms of these pressure pulsations include random lean areas in the rev range that can be difficult to tune out, or unusual bank to bank fuel variations in V6 or V8 engines. Radium Engineering have a novel solution with their own range of pulsation dampers that can be conveniently fitted to your existing fuel system, or their own fuel rails. This allows the flexibility of aftermarket fuel rails while retaining the advantage of the OE dampers.

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