[TECH TALK] What do you know about Injectors? | Injector Dynamics X Series

Tony Palo from Injector Dynamics runs us through some of the important considerations that go into motorsport specific injector manufacturing. We discuss injector characterization & linearisation and what some of the considerations are to make sure a large injector like the new ID1700x is able to have a large flow but also give fine control to open under lower voltages and pressures at cranking and idle.

Also touched on is the X series ability to run all known automotive fuels due to a focus on corrosion resistance and Tony also tells us the difference between the ID1000 and the ID1050x in order to help you understand why you might make the upgrade.

Have a thirst for even more knowledge? We have more great content from the 2017 Performance Racing Industry show to come but in the meantime, you can start learning how to EFI tune instantly, and for free right here.



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