[TECH TOUR] 45 PSI of boost, 1287 WHP 3.4L RB30 | JEM’s R34 GT-R Skyline

Running 45 PSI of boost via an 82mm Precision Turbo & Engine turbo and a 100 HP shot of nitrous, Adam Neish from Just Engine Management has one impressive R34 GT-R street car. The flex fuel capable Haltech Elite ECU enables this RB30 to be fed on both E85 or 98 Octane via staged injection depending on fuel availability when on the road or World Time Attack Challenge drag strip.

With a Spool Imports 3.4L stroker kit, Platinum Racing Products internals, the 960 KW ATW engine puts power to the ground via a 6 speed sequential Pfitzner Performance Gearbox - PPG gear set that lives in a standard Nissan gearbox housing. Traction is maintained with the aid of a Turbosmart e-Boost setup that allows the driver to easily adjust the boost for each gear (without a laptop!) to suit track and weather conditions.

Adam takes the time to explain the reason behind his progressive build and why he is still running a wet sump and TOMEI 1.2mm head gasket at this level of power and boost. The well known and often problematic trigger issues that Nissan's CAS often have is also discussed as well as the surprising absence of a BOV.

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