[TECH TOUR] 8 Second 4WD Silvia Street Car | 950 HP @ 43 PSI SR20 S13

Sporting 950 WHP @ 43 PSI of boost and a 8.54 @ 164 MPH ¼ mile history, this 4WD converted 2.2L Nissan S13 Silvia is one of a kind and unbelievably still street legal! We caught up with Paul Torony of PJs Quick Bits at the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge to go over this Advance Motor Mechanics built and QuickBitz tuned weapon.

Converted to 4WD with street drivability in mind it runs Nissan Skyline GT-R front differential and driveshafts via an RB26 sump and adaptor plates. The car also uses the ATTESA system from the GT-R where a center differential splits the torque and is adjustable via a Full-Race Motorsports ETS-Pro controller setup. The main brain of the operation is a Haltech Elite 2500 which controls the amount of boost the Precision 7675 Sportsman Gen2 turbo produces according to speed which can easily be adjusted via a Turbosmart E-Boost controller from the driver's seat to match conditions and/or preferences.

The SR20 engine has been built to last with a forged bottom end, Kelford cam, 2.2L Brian Cower Stroker kit, NEO VVL head from a Nissan Primera P12, CP-Carrillo rods and thick wall pistons and an aftermarket block. The power produced makes its way to the ground via an OS Giken OS-88 6 speed sequential gearbox which is helped by a Geartronics flat shift box.

Want to learn how to tune something like this? Start here, for FRE



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