[TECH TOUR] "Drifting requires a lot of grip..." | Ken Gushi's 600 hp EJ25 Formula D FR-S

Back in 2016 Nathan from Tuned by N8 ran us through the GReddy 600 hp EJ25 powered FR-S driven by Ken Gushi. E85 fed and running 25 PSI of boost this car also had a crack at Pikes Peak in 2014, and even with a setup comparable to a drag car, Ken managed a respectable 10:30.188. Incredible!

Controlled by a MoTeC GPR-M130, C125, PDM30 and RaceGrade Motorsport Keypad no expense was spared to ensure the smooth running and reliability of this car.

Want to learn how to tune something like this yourself? Start here for free - http://bit.ly/freetuning


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