[TECH TOUR] World's Fastest Time Attack R35 GT-R? | LYFE Motorsport's 1200HP R35

Pikes Peak 2017 - Andre gives us the goods on LYFE Motorsport's R35 GT-R. It suffered some bad luck this year in the way of a crankshaft failure before the event, but with a superhuman effort, the team managed to hit the mountain and Driver Cole Powelson still managed to punch out a solid 4m 19.861s for the shortened course.

Under the hood lives a twin turbo, E85 fed, 4L, Nissan VR38 running a custom stroker crank, Carrillo conrods, CP pistons with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. A MoTeC M150 ECU, PDM and C127 Dash Logger run the car along with the factory control module being retained for the 6-speed dual clutch transaxle transmission tuned via EcuTek software.

Do you want to learn how to tune? Start with this free course.


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