The 3 Handling Characteristics YOU Need To Check [FREE LESSON]

Is your car pulling to the right under braking? Can you corner with more confidence in a left-hand bend compared to a right-hand corner of the same surface and radius while on track? If so, you might need to check your corner weights…

Car behaviour on track is different to general road or highway surfaces which can highlight some issues you didn’t realise were there on a street-turned-track car. In this lesson which is just one module taking from the Practical Corner Weighting course we’re going to run through the 3 main handling characteristics you want to have dialled in to give you confidence and stability at speed under acceleration, braking and while cornering.

Also discussed are some of the areas you should check if you are having trouble with the balance of your vehicle even after corner weighting your vehicle and these should be some of your quick and easy ‘go-to’ checks before and after any racing or testing to ensure you get the results you want, and also given the nature of racing, you and your wallet safe.

0:00 - Lesson Plan
0:10 - Road vs Track
0:36 - The 3 Handling Characteristics
0:49 - Braking
1:57 - Balance Sensitivity
2:14 - Acceleration
3:01 - Cornering
3:32 - Observation on Track
3:50 - Corner Weighting Advantages
4:01 - Poor Balance Troubleshooting
4:16 - Tyres
5:05 - Brakes
5:28 - CVs, Bushings, Wheel Bearings etc
5:42 - Want to Learn More?

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