The Future Of 1000hp Time Attack Builds?

Want a lightweight race car? Start with something lightweight! Seems like a no-brainer right!?

The Lotus design philosophy of simplicity, aerodynamic efficiency, and lightweight construction makes for the perfect platform to add 1000hp and aggressive aerodynamic upgrades for time attack. That's according to a 'silly conversation' that part-time racer & full-time legend Matt Plowman once had and has produced a car from that is very impressive on and off track.

This K-swapped Lotus Exige, a project that has been in development for over a decade, was in part created by Scura Motorsport, AMB Aero, Wilson Engineering and a well-worn MoTeC parts catalogue including M150 ECU, C218 dash and 2 PDM16s. It boasts 1,000 horsepower at 28 PSI when required, and we took a closer look at it while competing in the Plazmaman Pro-Am Class at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, Australia.

The Lotus Exige, known for its lightness and superb handling, has been transformed with a Honda K20 engine stroked to 2.2 litres and equipped with a Garrett G35 turbo, Wiseco rods, Carillo pistons and headwork by Performance Wholesale, making it a formidable force on the track.

There isn't much stock left on the car overall, and that includes the suspension setup with Nitron Racing Systems 3-way dampers and Wilson Engineering custom uprights, which allow the use of 5-stud wheels and easier alignment changes via shims.

The Exige is constructed mainly from carbon fiber and has a unique black translucent layer on the clear coat. An impressive aerodynamic setup by AMB Aero Design includes an Infinity splitter, rear diffuser, and massive rear wing, along with a range of electronic sensors to dial it all in and keep the car from bottoming out on the straights or 'going straight on' in the corners.

The car is still nowhere near the limits when it comes to the current rules and regulations, with plans to put a pro driver in the car once it terrifies Matt enough, we guess!
0:00 - Exige, Not Elise Sorry!
0:16 - Why A Lotus?
0:45 - Lightweight Philosophy
1:07 - Lotus Power Progression 90hp to 400hp
1:49 - K20 Swap Considerations
2:19 - Engine Build Overview
3:08 - Why K20 Not K24?
3:33 - 1000hp Power Aims & Reality
3:55 - Bare Chassis Build
4:40 - Aerodynamic Limitations
5:15 - Aero Design & Manufacturing
5:58 - Testing The Design
6:32 - Someone Had An Off!
6:35 - Ride Height Vs Downforce
7:31 - What Are Suspension 'Packers'
8:02 - Bump Stop Tuning
8:15 - MoTeC Electronics Package
8:40 - Holinger Tranmission
9:07 - Paddle Shift, Why?
9:50 - Suspension Modifications
10:18 - Custom Billet Upright
10:51 - Brake Temperature Data
11:20 - Driver Vs Car Goals
11:40 - Thanks Matt!
11:50 - In-Car, Hammer Down

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