The MOST Common Reason For Engine Failure? | [TECH NUGGET]

One of the common reasons for engine failure in a modified vehicle is due to oil starvation under high cornering forces. A factory ‘wet sump’ design is fine for driving around the streets but when your modified suspension and sticky tires can pull 1.5 g or more while cornering on the racetrack, the oil tends to run away from the oil pickup. Even momentary oil starvation like this can cause serious engine damage and failure. Where possible, one of the of the most reliable and robust solutions for peace of mind and to protect your often expensive engine is to do away with the factory oil pump and fit a dry sump system.

A dry sump system uses an external pump to scavenge the oil out of the crankcase and pump it to a remote reservoir. The shape and capacity of the remote reservoir means that there is always a constant supply of oil available regardless of the cornering forces and the oil is then drawn back out of the reservoir and pumped through the engine. As an added bonus a properly setup dry sump system reduces windage losses in the crankcase and this can show a worthwhile improvement in power.
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