The Problem With Analog Gauges | EMtron Driver Display [TECH TALK]

If the faster you go, the more data you need and as things get more complex the amount of information drivers, tuners and engineers need on hand grows to help them achieve better and better results.

The options for collecting and displaying data these days is better than ever, but as Andre explains where we might have traditionally fit an analog gauge or warning system simply isn't going to do the job it once did with today's technology, but luckily that is not the only technology that has advanced.

Using an EMtron Driver Display for the example Andre runs us through why a simple oil pressure warning light is not going to be of much help once you account for the different pressures required throughout the rev range, and the fact the driver is not going rather look at the track than just his warning display.

With a modern driver display, safeties can be set to show varying visual and audible warnings as well as helping implement engine shutdown or limp modes depending on the issue and the specific products in use.

A few pros and cons of a data logging display and just a straight display are also discussed.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Traditional Gauges
1:10 Analog Warning Lights
1:57 Driver Display Advantage
2:35 Smart Warnings
3:12 Dash Logger Pros and Cons
3:39 Dash Display Only
4:30 CAN Based Keypad
4:48 No Right Or Wrong
5:05 Learn More

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