The Problem With Analog Wideband Controllers

Are you still using an older analog style wideband controller or in the market for a new one and not sure what the advantages of CAN Bus based device are? This video is for YOU!

The Haltech NEXUS R3 giveaway worth $5,000 USD is LIVE! Get on in there and take a quick look at what a PDM/PMU actually is and what can control on your vehicle. From there learn why devices like the MoTeC LTCD, Haltech WB1, Link ECU CAN-LAMBDA or one of the other multiple GREAT options on the market are a better choice of wideband controller for modern setups compared to the older analog styles that served us well for many years, but not without their offset problems.
0:00 - Today At HPA
0:08 -Haltech R3 Giveaway:
0:30 - What is the PDM/PMU on the Haltech R3
2:30 - Haltech ECU Aspect
3:10 - $5000 USD Of Value
3:59 - Lambda Controllers
4:19 - Traditional AEM 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller
4:47 - Analog Setup
5:44 - The Problem With Analog - Offsets
7:14 - The Solution: CAN Bus
7:29 - MoTeC LTCD
7:47 - Haltech WB1
8:10 - Just What We Have, Not The Only Options
8:27 - Why CAN Wideband Controllers Are Better
10:57 - CAN Template Flexibility

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