The Road To Proline's 5200HP Hemi V8 [TECH TALK]

How do you build a 5200HP engine that can handle 85 PSI of boost?

It wasn’t long ago that 5200HP would have been seen as a reliably unattainable number from a 520ci V8, but those days are gone and Eric Dillard of Proline Racing (PLR) shares some of his knowledge with Andre on the path to these power levels, and what keeps engines like this together.

Discussed is the maintenance and checks that are carried out anywhere from being between every run down the strip to every 40-45 runs depending on the part. The benefits of a billet block are also covered in detail including what happens when a rod breaks in a billet block and how it can be repaired compared to a cast aluminum block which might be able to handle the power fine, but will crack and turn into a large paperweight at the first sign of trouble.

Eric also explains how the aluminium rods used will often only bend instead of breaking saving on time and other components in the event of failure. Wondering why you should use aluminium rods instead of steel rods at all? Watch to find out.

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