The Truth About Driveshaft Shop, Secondary Forging And More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 232]

Engine failure, axle issues and 4G63 cylinder head sealing.  This is Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson ‘232 | Diagnosing Engine Failures’. Details on membership below.

00:27 Driveshaft Shop Issues: With customer service being non-existent from the Driveshaft Shop team after supplied axles that were too short, then replacements that are too long, Andre took to social media to try and find a contact that could turn $4,000+ USD pieces of scrap into something usable. Only after the intervention of owner and all-around good guy Frank did we get some traction, but still too late for race weekend.

08:12 Engine Failure: The 1UZ-FE is dead, long live the 3UZ-FE! While we didn’t expect dramatic failure after this many hours, nor did Andre build this engine, we did know the wee 1UZ-FE in our GT86 was due to some TLC and had a bit of a game plan for it before the next Sound Island Endurance Series races. 

The car goes on the dyno before every meet, and other than a wee coil issue there was nothing dramatically wrong with it before Bens last race other than being down around 20HP. We rolled the dice on racing anyway, and as you can see in the video it didn’t really pan out. As I type this description a week after this was originally filmed there is already a 3UZ-FE in the workshop waiting for some work to give the car about 100HP more, which won’t put us on the podium easily but also won’t make the car too crazy on the size of tyre we’re running.
Note next weeks release will have more detail on this.

18:19 HPA101 Instagram post: Andre quickly gives a little more detail on cylinder head sealing in relation to an old 4G63 setup, and some of the forces that are at play.

22:46 ETS Fabrication School: Check out @etsfab on Instagram if you want to learn more about the motorsport fabrication side of things. We often get a lot of comments on why certain things are fabricated in specific ways, and even if you don’t plan to get on the tools yourself having that greater understanding can only be a good thing eh!

24:24 RaceCraft: The latest RaceCraft release is back at Jota Sport with one of their LMP2 cars and we’re talking suspension.

27:40 The HP Tuners giveaway is now closed, sorry. Congrats to the winner.

WEBINAR INFO:  While nobody wants to experience an engine failure, unfortunately, they do occur from time to time. While an engine failure is bad enough, often after a rebuild we see the freshly built engine also quickly fail. In this webinar, we’ll discuss failure modes and how to work out what has caused your engine failure. Following this, we’ll look at some of the considerations you need to keep in mind to prevent a similar failure happening again.

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