Tools arrive at HPA Labs

It’s pretty hard to do much in a mechanical workshop without good quality tools and with our move to Queenstown, HPA was in desperate need. I have just left a well equipped workshop where no job was too hard or too big, and now face setting up our new shop from the ground up. While it’s a little daunting, it’s a perfect chance to start from scratch and set up HPA Labs exactly how we want it.

There are an endless range of options when it comes to tool suppliers, however SP Tools has always been on my radar. I’d already had experience with the SP Tools product with some of my technicians investing in SP gear over the years and I had liked what I had seen. 

Choosing tools is quite personal and there are a few factors that I like to consider:

1.Quality and support 
We are setting up a professional mechanical workshop where tools are going to take a beating day in and day out. We need to know they won’t fall apart and that if there is a problem that we can rely on the manufacturer. SP Tools already have a proven track record in the harshest environments including V8 Supercars.

2.Tool range and selection
I’m not a tool snob, but if I’m in the market to equip my workshop, I’d like to stay with a single brand wherever possible. SP Tools have a wide range of specialty tools covering just about anything you could imagine from power tools, hand tools and everything in between. This means that our shop will have a consistent look, and we don’t need to chase all over the country to find a unique tool.

3.The feel
This is going to sound stupid but it actually makes a difference how a tool feels in your hands. It’s that subtlety that is hard to express. The weight of a spanner. The balance in your hand and the surface finish. Anyone who uses tools for a living will understand, and if you are planning to make a living from tools then you need to be comfortable with them.

4.The look
If you value your image then you will understand this. We are after a specific ‘look’ for HPA Labs that represents our brand, our commitment and our professionalism. For us the SP Tools brand mirrored what we wanted to achieve and was an easy choice.

Setting up a mechanical workshop is expensive and tools can make up a big chunk of that cost. There comes a time where you need to decide what your budget is and where you can best spend this budget for maximum effect. We have a tight budget but we also value quality and for us SP Tools offered the perfect marriage between quality and price. Basically what I’m saying is that you can equip your shop with SP Tools without risking bankruptcy.

With all this in mind Ben and I approached the NZ distributor (Automotive Supplies NZ Ltd) of SP Tools and they agreed to help us out with a great deal on some of their products. Just to be clear though, SP Tools was the only company we approached and we are stoked to have them on board as HPA Labs comes together.

Over the coming months we will bring you the occasional ‘Product Spotlight’ on anything interesting or unique we find in the SP Tools range. Don’t worry, we won’t be showing you how a 12 mm combination spanner works, but we’ve already noticed a couple of cool features that a worth pointing out.

andre simon sp tools upwrap

Happier than a kid at Christmas. 

workshop tools sp tools hpa labs 5

SP offer foam cut outs for both socket sets and spanner sets, making it super easy to spot when your mate "borrows" your 10mm. 

workshop tools sp tools hpa labs 4

The under bonnet led light is a very handy tool, especially for dimly lit shops. The creeper will come in handy as a hoist/lift isn't on the immediate purchase list and will only be added when funds allow.  

workshop tools sp tools hpa labs 3

I'm sure we can all agree that getting new tools is a seriously exciting experience. Can't wait to open these.  

workshop tools sp tools hpa labs 2

What's in the box? It's an 18v Drill and 18v Impact gun. Having an electric impact gun is really handy - No air lines needed. 

workshop tools sp tools hpa labs 6

First job was to remove the annoying butcher flaps on the front door.


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    Good shit ben! i'm going to have to make a trip to come visit
    - songling Australia
    5 years ago
  • Chris Forbes's profile image
    Are you going to cover the difference between an E1 and a 13?
    - Chris250 United Kingdom
    5 years ago
  • Ben Silcock's profile image
    Thanks Pedey! We are really excited about our new facility. It's right up there in the life milestones for sure. Thanks for your support!
    - Ben.Silcock New Zealand
    5 years ago
  •  's profile image
    I really like how you're documenting such a momentous occasion for HPA and probably something you'll remember for the rest of your life - keep this stuff up!
    - Pedey New Zealand
    5 years ago