Toyota KP61 Starlet with Formula Atlantic 4AGE

Have we got any Toyota Starlet fans out there? This is Jamie's KP61 that we stumbled across at our recent Coronet Peak hillclimb. We can assure you though that it's like no Starlet you've ever seen before!

toyota kp starlet 5

The wide body kit is obvious but it's what under the skin that's really interesting. Jamie's Starlet is home to a full-house Formula Atlantic 4AGE engine and is backed by an Elite 6 speed sequential transmission.

toyota kp starlet 3

Jamie's also applied some unique touches to get the most out of this package and the Haltech ECU PS 2000 ECU. Rather than the common (but expensive) strain gauge gear lever that's often used to signal the ECU that the driver is shifting gear, Jamie uses a proximity sensor and a metal target plate on the gearbox drum actuator. This provides a signal to the Haltech ECU and the ignition cut is a simple fixed time to allow the gearbox to select the next gear without the use of the clutch or any need to back off the throttle.

toyota kp starlet 6

For the downshift a morse cable is connected to the gear lever which manually blips the throttle bodies to match revs when the lever is pushed forward. This is a tidy solution for an application that doesn't use a drive by wire throttle.

toyota kp starlet 2

Watch the Starlet in action here

Check out Ingear Performance for more information and updates of this car.

toyota kp starlet 4


  • Ben Silcock's profile image
    Thanks Agotinibourne. Glad the courses are helping you out :)

    Ludo, here is a link to the cars Facebook page if you would like to ask him more questions:
    - Ben.Silcock New Zealand
    4 years ago
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    Hello, I purchased the road tuning course. Hope it helps with tuning my Haltech P2000. So far I enjoyed the webinars. the way its spread out really helps understand more about EFI .
    - agostinibourne Barbados
    4 years ago
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    That's my kind of car !
    I would love to know more about the specs of his engine :)
    - Ludo France
    4 years ago