Transmission Tuning 101 | Standalone Transmission Controller MoTeC [TECH TALK]

Automatic transmission tuning is becoming more necessary as the modern crop of vehicles move further and further away from manual options.

Nick Baggett of MoTeC USA runs us through some of the advantages a standalone transmission controller like the Ford 6R80 TCM and others that MoTeC has developed which allow tuners to take complete control of the transmission regardless of what brand standalone ECU is used for engine management.

Also discussed is the reason why you can't just ignore the transmission after upgrading the engine to produce more power and how some safeties are included in order to help prevent damage to the transmission from poor user implemented torque management strategies.

0:00 - Why Transmission Tuning Can Be Tricky
1:16 - Reflashing and Definitions
1:45 - Late Model Ford Mustang PnP Transmission Tuning
2:31 - Stock Transmission Tuning
3:23 - Engine Controller Vs Transmission Controller
4:16 - How Is Torque Reduction Implemented
5:01 - Downshifting
5:21 - Multi ECU Friendly
5:59 - Transmission Tuning Safeties
6:48 - Where To Start
7:30 - What to Learn More?

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