Tuner Nerd Knock Monitor, Adaptronic ECU and Turblown | Today At HPA [UPDATE]

Here’s Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson ‘210 | Piston to Cylinder Wall Clearance' (details on membership below). This lesson covers why piston to cylinder clearance is important, the issues getting it wrong can cause which include bore and or piston ring damage and more.

Discussed is the Turblown Turbo Kit for our FD RX7 that contains a BorgWarner 8474 which is getting closer and closer to being fired up for the first time. Also mentioned is the CJ Motorsport fuel rail for the 13b which houses the Injector Dynamics ID1300 and ID1700 injectors which will give us the option to run E85 in the future.

Also discussed is the Adaptronic M6000 ECU which will be the first ECU run in the car and one we are very excited about as we have wanted to get out hands on one of these for a while and it comes packed with features.

The Tuner Nerd Knock Monitor Pro is another product we've had a chance to go over and in the next few weeks we will be going over this product and seeing how it stacks up to our long time firm favorites from Link and Plex.

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