Tuners Guide to the PRI Show 2013

The annual PRI show is one of the highlights on the international trade show calendar. Since it is aimed squarely at the racing sector, you don’t need to walk through isles of shiny wheels and flashy stereo systems. PRI is all about hardcore racing equipment and the ‘who’s who’ of the racing industry is out in force.

We are out here in Indy, braving the sub-zero temperatures, Budweiser and hot dogs to let you know what’s new and exciting this year. Our guide to the 2013 PRI show gives you the inside scoop on which companies to check out.

Haltech - PRI Booth #510
Australian ECU manufacturer Haltech is promoting their newly-released ELITE Series ECUs as well as their existing Platinum Series and  range of CAN based expansion modules. Their Ford Coyote display engine is a really nice example of how all of their products can be tied together in one package.

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ASNU injectors - PRI Booth #410
ASNU Injectors take fuel injectors seriously, working closely with Bosch to develop injectors specifically for the performance market. Their technical knowledge i second to none and they can offer injectors with precise flow and a finely atomised spray pattern, meaning more power and less fuel consumption.

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EFI Live - PRI Booth #352a
EFI Live is well known for their GM-based reflash software. They are at PRI promoting their software as well as their new AutoCal hand held flash module which makes it simple for tuners to offer tunes to remote customers along with email support and logging.

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Turbosmart - PRI Booth #347
Australian manufacturer of turbo accessories, Turbosmart have just released their new ProGate/PowerGate valve travel position sensor which allows data logging of wastegate position. They also have a new 120 psi version of their popular eBoost 2 if you are really determined to find the limits of your engine hardware.

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Innovate PRI Booth #824
Innovate are here promoting their new electronic boost controller, their LC2 wideband controller, and their Supercharger kit for the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ. I’m still trying to figure out how to smuggle the supercharger kit back to NZ in my luggage for my own 86.

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Electromotive - PRI Booth #1632
Electromotive have been producing engine management solutions since I first got interested in tuning. On my side of the world we don’t see this system at all so I don’t know much about it yet. It’s good enough for Tom Nelson’s 2000+ hp street rod creations though so we will be checking them out during the show.

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MoTeC - PRI Booth #1915
MoTeC are promoting their M1-Series ECUs along with the Racegrade product line of sensors and CAN-based keypads. I really like the Racegrade product range which we don’t see in Australasia. New for PRI are the GPA (General Purpose Automotive) and GPR (General Purpose Race) packages for the M1 ECUs, as well as M1-Build.

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Super Flow Dyno - PRI Booth #5501
Superflow are known world wide for their high tech engine dynos. One day when I’m rich, I’m going to have one of these in my personal garage to tinker on in the weekends.

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Mustang Dyno PRI Booth #5421

Mustang rolling road dynos are about the only dyno I’ve ever seen people actually ‘drag race’ cars on! Honestly, check it out on YouTube. It’s a thing. Anyway if you are heading to the show, check them out.

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Dynojet PRI Booth #5629
I’ve had the opportunity to tune on a few Dynojet dynos over the years, and their inertia dynos are a great low-cost option if you are tuning for WOT only. They also have a range of dynos with power absorbers for tuning in steady state.

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Dyno Com - PRI Booth #5549
Dyno Com is a dyno manufacturer I don’t know much about yet, and I’m not sure if there are any in NZ. We plan to check them out during the show and see what makes them tick.

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Del City - PRI Booth #4941
It might sound stupid, but finding a reliable source of buttons and switches is always a challenge when wiring a car from scratch. Del City offer a wide range of buttons, switches and wiring supplies that should cover just about any application.

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AEM Electronics PRI Booth #4911
AEM do a great job of producing high-end ECUs, and their Infinity Series has really taken their capabilities to the next level. They also cover a huge range of other performance products including ignition systems, coils, fuel pumps and water injection systems.

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Aim Electronics - PRI Booth #5019
AIM manufacture a wide range of dash displays and data logging solutions for road and race cars. Their product range covers everything you would expect including support for CAN communications and compatibility with most aftermarket ECUs. Best of all, their entry level dashes won’t break the bank!

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Race Car Engineering PRI Booth #4726
If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of race car technology, this is the magazine to read. Race Car Engineering is my personal favourite and you NEED a subscription. Check out their booth as I’m sure they will be running a PRI special.

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OBR control systems - PRI Booth #4???
British ECU manufacturer OBR is best known for their efforts in professional-level motorsport and their range of ECUs, power control modules and CAN-based membrane keypads covers everything you could possibly wish for.

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Precision - PRI Booth #3239
Precision Turbo have made some big strides over the last few years and their turbos, Big Stuff 3 ECUs, and insanely large fuel injectors are pretty much cleaning up in the NHRA Pro Mod ranks. Check out some drool-worthy turbos and accessories at their booth.

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Electronz - PRI Booth #3226
NZ-based Electronz are displaying their Vipec and Link brands. The new Link G4+ and Vipec i-Series ECUs are freshly released this year for Electronz, as well as a few new products such as their Altezza-Link and a Vipec Plug-In ECU for the Polaris RZR.

AVL Dyno Pro - PRI Booth #3028
These guys are probably a little beyond the scope of most performance tuners, but their dynos are seriously cool. My favourite product is their transient AVL dyno, which are used in F1 to simulate an entire race including gear changes, braking and acceleration.

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Garrett - PRI Booth #2947
Garrett are just about a household name in turbo performance. For the ‘bigger is better’ crowd, the new SFI-spec GTX5518R should do the trick, but personally I had a soft spot for the tiny GT0632SZ. Rated at 25-80 hp, this is one of the smallest ‘performance’ turbos I’ve ever seen!

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Injector Dynamics - PRI Booth #2851
Injector Dynamics have been a driving force in educating the mainstream about injector performance, flow characterisation and dead times. Their range of products is expanding with the introduction of high-flow, high pressure fuel pumps, as well as their ID1300, ID1600 and ID1500D (GDI) injectors.

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HP Tuners - PRI Booth #112
HP Tuners manufacture software for reflashing a wide range of GM and Ford vehicles. I use this software myself and love the control and flexibility which really has rewritten our expectations for what can be achieved on a factory PCM.

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Fuel Injector Clinic - PRI Booth #7181
FIC are a well known supplier of fuel injectors and specialise in supplying direct-fit options for many popular models. They also service, clean and flow test injectors to keep everything running like it should. If you are scared of wiring, they have you covered with plug-n-play wiring adaptors too.

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Zeitronix - PRI Booth #?
Zeitronix are well known for their wideband controllers and their ethanol content analysers. Their ethanol content sensors have revolutionised the aftermarket and are largely responsible for the current popularity of flex fuel systems

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Racepak - PRI Booth #? 
Racepak make some of the best data logging equipment available and are a standard fitment in just about every top level drag car. With their v-net system, adding sensors and expanding your data logger is literally child's play.
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You know that saying ‘There’s no replacement for displacement’? Sonny’s have really taken that and run with it with their ‘mountain motors’. This one is 762 cubic inches (12.5 litres) and makes 1700+ hp! If you haven’t seen one of these in person, you need to. It’s insane!
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