Tuners secret to speed and consistency | MS3Pro [TECH TALK]

Ben Berusch from MS3Pro takes the time to talk to Andre about the backwards compatible MS3Pro Evo and Ultimate Model ECU’s along with how to make sure you’re going as fast as you can by getting the best from some of their advanced features. Based on feedback from customers these units are packed full of both features and sensors inputs due to a focus on better data for logging purposes for the same price.

Also discussed is how to make sure you have clean data coming from your wideband as well as the ability to have closed loop AFR control of individual cylinders along with knock control strategies being available for individual cylinders too. Lastly, digital signal processing (DSP) is discussed as well as a number of sensor options for traction control strategies which can be the difference between great consistent results, or hair loss due to seemingly unrepeatable results.

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