Tuning With Data Logs, RX7 13B Start and PROFORM Scales | Today At HPA [UPDATE 248]

Using road tuning data to dial in your tune This is Andres update that came right before webinar lesson ‘248 | Engine Blueprinting. What You Need to Know’. Details on membership below.

In this [UPDATE] Andre runs us through why even after a dyno tune using data logging to check and dial in your tune is critical especially if you are expecting good driveability from a performance street car. This is known as 'road tuning' most commonly, but you can also tune with data logs from the track or drag strip, it doesn't matter so long as you do it safely and accurately.

Using our Ecumaster ECU in the V11 Subaru STi and MegaLogViewer we zero in on what data you want to check, and also what margins of error are and are not acceptable as while we would like things to be perfect you will never remove a small percentage of error for a number of reasons.

The 13B FD3S RX7 project is now RUNNING, woo! We had a dead map sensor in our Adaptronic ECU and a slight issue with the DBW throttle setups range of movement, but with those under control things are moving forward and as these words are typed the RX7 is sitting on our Mainline Pro Hub dyno.

Lastly, Andre gives a rundown on the PROFORM Parts corner weight scales which will be given away by RaceCraft in the near future along with why you would want to corner weight your car, the benefits and what exactly it involves.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Logging Advantages
01:39 Why You Need More Than A Dyno
03:42 MegaLogViewer HD
05:22 The Data Inputs
07:20 Histogram and Break Points
09:20 Removing Errors, Cleaning Data
11:20 Which Margins Of Error Are Too Big?
12:44 FD3S RX7 Project Update
15:30 Proform Scales
18:30 Corner Weighting Considerations
19:30 Corner Weighting Fundamentals Course
20:20 Billet Blocks
23:10 LHD LSX S15
24:20 Earnest Giveaway: Now Closed Sorry
25:35 Why is it just ‘Outro’ and not ‘Outroduction’ like ‘Intro’ and ‘Introduction’?

WEBINAR INFO: If you’re considering building a performance engine, one of the terms you’ll most likely encounter is ‘blueprinting’. This has become one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in the engine building industry and in this webinar, we’ll discuss what blueprinting is, what it isn’t, and why in most instances true blueprinting isn’t required

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