Tuning The 1800HP+ Red Demon | Going From 0 To 80 PSI, 7 Second 4g63 Tuning [TECH TALK]

With no set recognized training pathway to becoming a professional EFI tuner, it’s hard for some starting out to see what they need to do to reach their goals within the industry. At TX2K Devin Schultz of Boostin Performance talked Andre through how he went from twisting spanners on simple builds as an internetless 16-year-old through to tuning the Red Demon, the World's Quickest and Fastest AWD Mitsubishi with a 7.047 @ 204 MPH record as well as separate blistering 215 MPH run down the quarter.

Devin talks about how over time the success of the 95 DSM project saw others begin to seek him out for tuning services which then grew into a full-time career and how advancements in ECU and turbocharger technology is the main drive behind cars going faster and faster down the strip and around the track.

Also discussed are the advantages of strain gauge setups and how they operate, boost by gear, future goals for the Red Demon and how ECU processing speeds are the next thing on the horizon that will see performance increased even further.

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