[VIDEO Interview] Traction and Balance keys to hill climb success | Monster Tajima

Monster Tajima is perhaps one of the best recognised names in the world when it comes to gravel hill climbing and at the 2015 Race To The Sky we got the opportunity to find out what makes Monster’s Toyota 86 hillclimb car tick. We learn about selecting and tuning a suspension system specifically for gravel hill climbs, the importance of aerodynamics, and developing a power band to achieve optimum traction while still providing the power required to be competitive in the International Open class.

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    Awesome Paul. Choosing the right ECU for the job can be tricky. I would advise you to take the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course, this will give you a good base of knowledge and then we can discuss it more in the members forum. :)
    - Ben.Silcock New Zealand
    3 years ago
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    Hi im a mechanic for 30+ years ive built cars for targa and circuit racing but never for myself i bought a lotus super 7 1970 with no engine im using a mx5 1600 std and gearbox i rebuilt the engine to std, std ecu but talking to a friend how works for Rod Millen said to go for a link in
    in the long term you can do a little tuning for road and track
    I do know about link but witch one
    PS What a great website im going to do a few of your courses as you say you never know everything
    - Paullotus New Zealand
    3 years ago