ViPEC release Plug-in Nissan 350z / G35 engine management system

Vi-Pec have just released their brand new Plug-In ECU for the 2002-2006 Nissan 350Z/G35 VQ35DE in both manual and automatic models.

This ECU is based on the new i88 platform and includes all the advanced tuning and configuration features of the i-Series ECU including closed loop knock control, boost control, advanced data logging and motorsport features. The ECU offere the folling platform-specific features:

  • Direct Plug-In replacement ECU board - no wiring modification required
  • Installs in place of the factory ECU on the OEM mounts
  • Works with all factory sensors - no additional sensors necessary
  • Internal 4 Bar MAP sensor allows removal of stock MAF (note - replacement IAT sensor is recommended)
  • Interfaces with OEM CAN bus to communicate with factory PDM, ABS, automatic transmission, and dash
  • Configurable torque reduction for automatic gearbox shift control
  • Sequential injection and direct-fire ignition
  • Fully configurable VVT control for both single and dual VVT engines
  • Suitable for naturally aspirated or forced induction (turbo/supercharger)
  • Supports OEM functions such as cruise control, air conditioning, trip computer, and immobiliser

As well as the features mentioned, you can also expand the inputs and outputs through an Expansion Connector. This allows additional I/O via CAN, RS232, digital or analogue inputs and switched auxiliary outputs.

The 350Z Plug-In ECU is available and ready to ship. Talk to your local Vipec dealer for information on pricing.

  • Application - Auto & Manual Transmissions
  • Nissan 350Z 2002-2006
  • Nissan Fairlady Z Z33
  • Nissan Skyline G35
  • VQ35DE engine only
  • Automatic and manual transmission models
  • Reuses the original factory ECU bottom plate

i88 PlugIn ECU Features

Vi-PEC i88 based ECU, includes all tuning and configuration features of the iSeries ECU platform
Includes all advanced iSeries options including data logging, knock control, boost control & motor-sport features
Plugs in and fits in the original location

Nissan 350Z Plugin Specific Features

  • Direct plug in replacement. Installs in place of OEM ECU on original mounting. No wiring alterations or adapters required
  • Uses OEM sensors for ECU operation, replacement of existing sensors not required
  • Supplied with a base tune that will allow a stock engine to start and run. All accessory functions are pre-configured. Final tuning is required
  • Fully configurable Variable Valve Timing Control (VVT). Suits both Dual and Quad VVT VQ35DE engines
  • Suitable for naturally aspirated or forced induction applications
  • Internal 4 bar MAP sensor. Allows removal of MAF sensor and used for boost control
  • Supports most OEM systems including Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, engine fan speed control via PDM and trip computer
  • Immobiliser system is retained
  • Additional expansion connectors. Allows access to additional I/O including CAN, RS232, analog inputs, digital inputs and switching outputs. These can be used for wiring a variety of accessories including after market displays, CAN accessories (e.g. UEGO sensor), boost control solenoid, dash mounted switches and additional sensors for measurement and logging
  • ISO 15765-4 OBD compatibility at OEM CAN port. Allows the use of a cell phone or tablet to display real time ECU information. Note a suitable OBD-Wifi or OBD-Bluetooth adapter is required
  • Information available from other control modules includes all four wheel speeds, gear shifter position (auto only) and actual gear (auto only)
  • Interfaces to OEM CAN communication bus and communicates with other control units e.g. PDM, ABS, AT, BCM, Dash
  • Configurable Torque Reduction for automatic transmission gear shifting
  • Sequential Fuel Injection and Direct Spark Ignition as per OEM


  • This PlugIn ECU has been developed to allow the tuning and optimisation of engine performance in the Nissan 350Z range of vehicles. Some optional, model and / or market specific features may not be supported
  • Front Wide-band Oxygen Sensors are not controlled
  • Aftermarket Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor recommended

The Nissan 350Z PlugIn is available now, part # iPN35


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