Want Instant BOOST?!? | Elmer Racing/Turbosmart Spool Valve Experiment [TECH NUGGET]

Turbo performance is always a gentle balancing act between high rpm power and low rpm boost response, but what if you could have both?

Here’s an interesting experimental product we spotted at World Time Attack Challenge that could help. It’s a slightly different take on the implementation of a ‘spool valve’ which is designed to send all the exhaust flow to one scroll of a twin-scroll turbine housing at low rpm to aid spool. Traditionally this is achieved with a mechanical flap that’s located between the exhaust manifold and the turbine inlet.

The team at Elmer Racing have taken the idea and designed a billet collector that incorporates a Turbosmart external wastegate to control flow into the second scroll. We like the novel approach and will be interested to see the results once it has been tested.

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