What Do YOU Know About Custom Inlet Manifolds? | Plazmaman [TECH TALK]

Plazmaman is an obvious standout choice for high-quality performance products and while we were in Sydney at the World Time Attack Challenge we took the opportunity to see how the inlet manifold for our SR20VE powered ‘350SRZ’ project was recently created.

Andre runs us through the manifolds configuration, touches on what you can influence with inlet runners and how AutoCAD, CFD analysis and Mastercam software are all used before a 35 kg block of billet aluminum can spend a day being cut down to just 4kg.
From there we discuss the use of Plazmaclamps instead of silicone joiners for our DBW throttle, fuel rail choice, sensor options and of course we have to mention as hard as it is to believe, all of those welds are all done by hand.

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