What Is A Slipper Clutch | Do YOU Need One? [TECH NUGGET]

One of the reasons why 4wd drag cars are seen as unreliable is because of the huge amount of grip they have on tap at launch and how difficult it can be to find the perfect balance between grip and power when the driver can only sidestep the clutch. It's no secret a slipper clutch is an ideal way to help iron out this issue.

Enter a slipper clutch. This device allows the driver to still sidestep their foot off the clutch at launch, but the clutch release is delayed to allow for consistency and once dialled in correctly, traction.

Some slipper clutch options from the likes of Magnus Motorsports give you the option of disabling the slipper system after a certain speed, gear or when other set conditions are met ensuring you're not getting your on point launch at the cost of changing into any other gear down the track. This, of course, is not an issue for options like dog engagement gearboxes where the clutch isn't required for gear changes at all.

Sounds perfect right, well like anything as well as an advantage there is a disadvantage and in this case no matter how basic or advanced the system is you're going to go through a lot more clutch plates due to the increased heat that is produced when the clutch is slipped.

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