What To Do With Your Tyre Temp Data & More | Today At HPA [UPDATE 224]

Tyre temps & what to look for, GT-86 updates and more.

This is the weekly update that comes right before our paid 'Gold Members' only webinar lessons and this week ‘224 | SD Tuning - HP Tuners’ was covered. Details on membership below.

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HPA86: The HPA 1uz powered GT86 is still in recovery mode after the last round at Highlands. We’re switching some of the bushes over to solid mount which will make the car a loud less ‘road-friendly’, however at this point in time the focus for it really is the track and endurance racing. We have missed the 3rd round due to our annual World Time Attack Challenge pilgrimage to get some footage for you guys, but we will be at the 4th and final round at Ruapuna in Christchurch, New Zealand with some major changes to the fuelling system happening now to fix those surging issues Andre didn’t mention today but has in the past.

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RC86: As you might be aware Ben managed to break 4th gear in the turbocharged FA20 Toyota 86, and with this being about the 3rd or 4th GT86 gearbox the car has had its time for a change. We had some comments and messages with suggestions over the last few weeks, cheers team, and we’ve narrowed it down to an R154 which is already in the shed here, a T56, or a secondhand Quaife dog box. Each option has it’s pros and cons when it comes to price, fitment and also future servicing/parts but we’ll keep you posted on the decision.

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TYRE TEMPS: Andre runs through the usage of an Alfano tyre pressure and temperature reader, why they are used and what you are looking for across your tyre when using one. Also covered is the next level up option which involves an IR sensor like that provided by Izze Racing and the real-time data they can supply you and your team.

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RACECRAFT: The Motorsport Wheel Alignment Course has been live for a week or two now on https://www.racecrafthq.com and we get a bit of a run-through on what the course material covers along with how it can help you.

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LATEST RELEASE: The MOST Aggressive Anti-Lag? | Petter Solberg's WRC to WRX VW Polo [TECH TALK]

WEBINAR INFO: Removing the MAF sensor and performing a Speed Density patch on late model GM engines is common, particularly for those running a large cam profile or forced induction. In this webinar, we’ll look at the techniques involved in applying an SD patch and calibrating the VE table using the HP Tuners platform.

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