What do you know about fuel filters? | Injector Dynamics [TECH TALK]

One of our favourite products from PRI2017 was Injector Dynamics recently released ID-F750 fuel filter. I know it’s hard to get excited about a fuel filter but this thing is packed with some really innovative features that make it worth a serious look.

Tony Palo takes the time to run us through the ins and outs of fuel filtration and also the features this product has itself. First up it has an easily replaceable filter element that you can change without tools. Worried about the filter working loose? No stress - ID have got you covered with a neat safety clip that makes it impossible to work loose by accident. If you’re sick of getting sprayed with fuel when it comes to releasing pressure from the fuel system, ID have thought of this too - A Schrader valve allows you to safely and easily bleed down pressure before replacing the filter.

Easily the smartest feature however is the visual gauge to show the pressure drop across the filter. This allows you to see how much restriction the filter is offering and hence when it needs to be replaced. If you’re a data nerd like us then you can also add an optional block that bolts to the outlet and includes a Bosch 10 bar pressure and temperature sensor.

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