Why Do NASCAR Teams Use This Technology? | Calico DLC Coatings [TECH TALK]

Reducing the wear of your engine components while increasing reliability and performance is a constant battle for casual enthusiasts and motorsport professionals alike, and Gary Huffman of Calico Coatings runs us through some of the options they offer to help us reach this goal.

We’re going to discuss some of the main engine components you might consider coating such as valves and piston wrist pins, along with some you might not like bearings. The ability for clearances and oil weights can be advantageously adjusted thanks to the extra lubrication Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and Chromium Nitride (CrN) PVD coatings provide is touched on along with how the environment a vehicle is racing in, such as NASCAR or offroad racing can impact what coating is used.

Gary also talks about how coatings can help in situations that shouldn't happen in an engine in regards to metal to metal contact, but sometimes on race day do anyway despite best intentions and practices. With this in mind, a coating can potentially help the engine, car and driver get across the finish line instead of just a DNF in some 'worst case' situations

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