Why Do Pro Racers Remove Brake Boosters?

Brake boosters—why don't you find them on race cars? Are motorsport ABS systems harder to use than your OWM setup?

Ashley Field of 909 Motorsport answers these questions and more in relation to aftermarket ABS systems like those offered by Bosch Motorsport along with how easy they are to install, if OEM components can be used and most importantly how ABS can only regulate the braking power you give it meaning if you don't have an optimal brake package before you fit ABS it can't work any magic to change that for you!

Why fit aftermarket ABS? The likes of Bosch Motorsport ABS systems (note, we don't sell them!) offer advanced features that enhance braking performance and customization compared to standard OEM ABS systems including not going into 'ice mode' when a driver least wants that to happen! While the Bosch Motorsport ABS may require more expertise to set up and calibrate due to its professional-grade capabilities, it provides benefits like faster response times, better grip utilization, and the ability to fine-tune brake bias for improved efficiency and control according to driver preference as well as data acquisition to aid with car and aero setup.

How? Motorsport-dedicated versions of ABS have a more sophisticated 'brain' and valving system, allowing it to lock and release tyres faster, maximizing available grip more effectively.
0:00 - Power Vs Stopping Power
0:20 - Factory ABS & Motorsport
0:45 - OEM Vs Motorsport ABS Focus
1:25 - Not All ABS Is Equal
1:50 - Is Motorsport ABS Harder To Use?
2:35 - What Is Different With Aftermarket ABS?
3:13 - 'Ice Mode'
3:38 - What Is Needed For Bosch ABS Fitment?
4:27 - OEM Parts Usage
5:04 - Brake Boosters & Pedal Boxes
6:01 - Why Remove A Brake Booster?
6:45 - Brake Bias Adjustments
7:35 - Crosslinked Brake System
8:02 - Front Rear Split
8:18 - ABS Won't Work Magic
9:00 - Driving Style Vs ABS Setup
9:58 - KEY POINT!
10:36 - Driver Adjustment Options
11:12 - Driver Preference
11:38 - Data Logging & Vehicle Dynamics
12:10 - Thanks 909 Motorsport!

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