Why The Big Turbo? | 420kW K-Swapped FWD Time Attack Winner [TECH TOUR]

This is what the fastest FWD Club Sprint class WTAC car uses to win.

Running 420kW at 20 PSI from 4500 RPM the Elusive Racing Brett Dickie driven DC2R Honda Integra is a FWD monster and the 2018 Club Sprint class winner. The old B series engine has been swapped in favour of a K series. Note we state in the video the car uses a K20 head, but this information was incorrect and Dave Flood from Elusive Racing has informed us the car does run a K24 head. The engine is well modified with Manley connecting rods, Supertech valvetrain components, ported heads and some aftermarket cams. A Borg Warner EFR 9180 takes care of the boost and a Skunk2 Racing inlet manifold helps ensure efficient air flow.

An Emtron KV8 ECU controls the package and 8 x Bosch 1650cc injectors are used to feed it E85 fuel. A MoTeC PDM and C125 dash logger/display round up the electronics package with a PPG gearbox helping put the power to the ground.
Andre discusses why such a large turbo is used for this application along with the benefits of a split pulse exhaust manifold along with the benefits of the DBW throttle body underside mounting position on the inlet manifold.

Boost by gear and also wheel speed are also closely monitored to help maintain traction, and considering the result, it obviously was worth the attention.

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