Why You Want A CAN Wideband | CAN-Lambda [TECH NUGGET]

It doesn’t matter what engine your running, you’re going to have problems if you don’t have accurate fuel delivery. Getting this right requires us to be able to examine the AFR or Lambda and optimise the fuel table to suit and Link ECUs CAN-Lambda wideband O2 sensor controller will help you do this better than ever.

AFR/Lambda is best read via a wideband sensor which is nothing new, however, traditionally they use an analog voltage output where the data is transmitted via a 0 to 5V signal. Like everything, this method has pitfalls, the main one being that the wiring is absolutely critical for correct operation as any ground offsets can end up causing incorrect data to be sent.

There is a way around this now, and that is by using Links LSU 4.9 sensor based unit instead which avoids any loss of signal, risk, delays and errors plus offers advantages such as only activating the sensor when the engine is actually operating giving you a much longer service life.

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