World Record DS9 EVO Drag Racing, Soldering and 60-Foot Time Importance | Today At HPA [UPDATE 236]

Record-breaking 4G63 powered EVO 'DS9', Rob Dahms AWD RX7, soldering and more. This is Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson '236 | Drag Racing Data analysis’. Details on membership below.

Andre rounds off on the Rob Damn interview from SEMA, discusses the Instagram post on soldering from our Renvale UK trip, and also discusses the old DS9 project along with some comparisons between that EVO 9 and Andres old EVO 4, DOCILE, including overcoming some weight differences between the chassis.

Also discussed is the trap that people can fall into when it comes to trying to get as much power as possible from an engine as a show of skill and bragging rights, but it does come at a cost including making it difficult it to get a good 60-foot time which the importance of is outlined.

WEBINAR INFO: A pass down the drag strip can be over in just a few seconds and data logging is vital in order to be able to analyse and understand what happened and how to improve the car for the next pass. In this webinar we’ll discuss what you should be logging and how best to analyse this data in order to make sense of what you’re seeing, as well as how to decide how much power you can put to the drag strip.

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