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Diesel Tuning Fundamentals: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before we go any further we need to talk about the risks involved with diesel engine tuning.
00:05 Diesel tuning is a specialised skill and like any skill it takes time to become proficient and gain experience.
00:12 Tuning needs to be approached carefully as running an engine with excessive fuel or incorrect injection timing can potentially result in expensive engine damage.
00:22 This course will provide you with solid and accurate information so you can understand the principals of diesel engine tuning.
00:29 From here it's still your responsibility to apply these lessons and evaluate changes for your particular engine.
00:37 You also need to understand that making any changes to the factory ECU calibration may effect the engine's emissions, and in some parts of the world this may be illegal.
00:46 In these situations it is your responsibility to understand your local emissions regulations and ensure that you meet them and remain legal.
00:55 If you're not comfortable with the risk involved or don't think this course is right for you, let us know and we'll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

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