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Diesel Tuning Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from the High Performance Academy and I'd like to welcome you to our diesel tuning fundamentals course.
00:06 Over the last few decades we've seen the technology applied to the modern crop of common rail diesel engines advance dramatically and along with this technology we've seen the power, torque levels, and fuel economy climb.
00:19 With the advent of electronic controls, this has also given us in the aftermarket, unparalleled control over the tuning of diesel engines, and in many cases, there can be dramatic improvements to be had.
00:32 When it comes to diesel tuning however, there is a distinct lack of knowledge which has made it hard for budding diesel tuners to learn what changes need to be made, and how to apply them.
00:43 This is made worse because many tuners have come from a gasoline tuning background and naturally try and deal with a diesel engine in the same way as they would tune a gas engine.
00:53 As you'll find in this course, the operation of the diesel engine, and the approaches for making tuning changes are dramatically different to what you'd use for a gasoline engine.
01:04 The aim of this course therefore is to give you a solid understanding of the operation of a diesel engine, as well as the critical aspects of the common rail diesel injection system, and how these aspects affect the engine's operation.
01:18 These concepts will then be backed up by practical examples on the dyno, to reinforce what you've learned in the body of the course.
01:25 Regardless what fuel the engine is running on, learning to tune requires an understanding of the fundamental operating principles as well as the practical application of these principles.
01:36 This course is aimed at providing you with the fundamentals of operation, and our practical diesel tuning course builds on this knowledge and shows you how to apply this on a specific diesel tuning task.

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