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Engine Building Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - In this module, we're going to consider a brief overview of the steps we'll go through when preparing and assembling the engine's short block.
00:07 That's to say, all of the components housed inside the engine block.
00:12 Then we're going to look at the steps required to fit the cylinder head, and hence produce a complete long-block assembly.
00:19 We're not going to go into detail here, and this section is meant to be a high-level overview of the processes involved.
00:27 As such, it's not intended to be a complete, step-by-step guide to the assembly process.
00:34 We cover these steps in thorough detail in our practical engine-building course, where you'll be able to see the assembly process being performed in real time.
00:44 Understandably, there'll be tasks or steps that may be specific to a certain brand or type of engine.
00:52 However, we're going to consider the fundamental aspects that are generally applicable to most engines.
00:58 We're going to assume that at this point, we've gone through and had our machine work completed, and that we've checked, confirmed, and adjusted all clearances as detailed in the "clearances and tolerances" module.
01:12 Let's get started with the bare engine block.

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