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Engine Building Fundamentals: Angle Gauge

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Angle Gauge


00:00 - Many of the fasteners that you'll come across in engines will require a torque angle method in order to correctly achieve the desired clamping force.
00:09 This requires a multi-step process with a fastener that's first tightened to a specific torque and then tightened further by a specific angle.
00:17 For example, we may need to initially tighten the fastener to 30 foot pound and then two further stages of 90 degrees each.
00:26 In order to work with these fasteners we need a way of accurately measuring the angle step.
00:32 As we looked at in the last section, some of the more expensive digital torque wrenches have the ability to measure angle as well as torque but for those that don't offer this you're going to need an angle gauge.
00:44 These angle gauges simply attach between the torque wrench and the socket you're using.
00:50 The angle gauge has a 360 degree angle display and a pointer that can be zeroed.
00:56 Finally, an arm can be located against some solid part of the engine to prevent the gauge from rotation as the fastener is tightened and hence we can accurately see the angle the torque wrench has been moved trough.

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