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Engine Building Fundamentals: Torque Wrench

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Torque Wrench


00:00 - The fasteners inside the engine are some of the most critical that you'll find anywhere on a car, and it's essential to make sure they are correctly tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.
00:11 The most common way of achieving this will be with a torque wrench that will indicate when a specific torque value has been reached.
00:18 Torque wrenches are available in a variety of sizes and measurement ranges, and depending on the range of torque values you need to work with it's possible you'll need more than one.
00:29 A torque wrench that can measure the 200 foot-pound of torque that you might use to torque up a crank-pulley bolt is probably not going to be able to measure down as low as a torque of, perhaps, 10 foot-pound, for example.
00:42 It's important that the torque wrench that you are using gives a clear and obvious indication when the torque preset has been reached.
00:50 This might be by way of an audible click, a buzzer, or the torque wrench might vibrate, but it's important to know your particular wrench and how it works.
01:00 Most torque wrenches will offer dual signals such as a noise and a vibration you can feel, so that the torque wrench can still be used in a noisy environment.
01:09 Some of the more expensive torque wrenches include the ability to set the desired torque on a digital screen, as well as the ability to easily change between metric and imperial units.
01:21 Some of these torque wrenches also include the ability to measure angle, which makes it quicker and easier to quickly tighten fasteners that call for a torque angle method.
01:31 You need to weigh up the fact that these electronic torque wrenches will come at a higher price tag though.

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