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How to Degree a Cam: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Andre from the High Performance Academy and I'd like to welcome you to the cam degreeing course.
00:05 This course will give you the knowledge and skills you'll need in order to understand, measure and correctly set the valve timing events in any engine.
00:14 This is an essential step in the assembly of any high performance engine, if you want to ensure optimum performance and reliability.
00:22 In this course, you'll learn what cam degreeing is, how the valve timing events can affect the engine's operation, what products and tools you'll need to correctly degree a camshaft and of course a step by step process that you can follow to ensure you get your cams dialled in exactly right.
00:40 You'll also learn how to read a camshaft manufacturer's specification sheet and understand all of the terminology involved.
00:49 As with many aspects of performance engine building, there's a lot of misinformation regarding the cam degreeing process and in particular there's a lot of conflicting information regarding the correct method to use which is confusing for a novice engine builder.
01:04 This course is designed to give you accurate and reliable information that will get you the right results the first time.
01:11 This course assumes a familiarity with engine building theory and practice and follows on from our engine building fundamentals and practical engine building courses.
01:22 If you haven't already completed these courses, then I'd recommend that you start with them.

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