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How to Degree a Cam: Step 6: Lock Up Cam Wheel

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Step 6: Lock Up Cam Wheel


00:00 - With our camshafts both correctly degreed on our B18C engine, we've got one last task to complete which is often overlooked, but it's essential for the reliability of your engine, and that's to apply a thread locking compound to all of the locking bolts on our vernier cam gears.
00:18 This just makes sure that in operation the camshafts aren't going to end up working loose and advancing or retarding in operation.
00:27 Obviously this could result in valve to piston or valve to valve contact so we want to be very very certain that that's not going to happen.
00:34 For this purpose I'm just going to use a Loctite product, this is Loctite 243, and this is a thread locking product that will prevent those bolts vibrating loose in operation but it's still a product that we can break away manually if we do need to loosen those locking bolts at a further point in time.
00:53 So what I'm going to do is individually remove one bolt at a time, apply a small amount of the thread locking compound to the end of the threads and then I'm going to reinstall the locking bolt and tighten it by hand.
01:40 With our vernier cam gears now Loctited, we can be confident that these cams aren't going to move in operation.
01:46 With our Honda B18C we do have one more task that's going to be really important to remember and that's to remove the mechanical locking system that we've applied to the VTEC system on cylinder one.
01:58 We need to revert this back so that the VTEC system will be able to function as normal, since we locked it up for the purposes of degreeing our cams.
02:07 So this brings us to the end of our worked example.
02:09 If you do have any other questions about this worked example, please ask those in the forum and I'll be happy to answer them there.

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