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Launch Control: Software Walk Through

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Software Walk Through


00:01 In this worked example, we're going to be looking at the launch control setup in a Link G4 Plus or ViPEC Platform.
00:08 And for our worked example, we're going to be using, on this end, 350Z with a plug and play ECU.
00:14 However, the settings and the configuration we're going to look at, are applicable across the range of the Link G4 Plus and ViPEC I-series products.
00:25 So, we're gonna start with a very brief overview of where the particular settings are in the software, that you're going to need to look at.
00:33 And we can look at that now, if we look at the ECU settings.
00:39 And there's a couple of different areas we're going to need to look at.
00:43 The actual launch control setup is found under the "Motor Sport" tab, here, under "Launch Control" And we can expand that out to see our control functionality.
00:55 However, before we even start looking at launch control we're also going to need to setup some wheel speed sensors.
01:02 And on this particular car, we're getting all of that data in via can.
01:06 So, it makes our job a little bit easier.
01:09 All of the wheel speed data is coming via the ABS computer.
01:13 And in a conventional sense though, we would need to setup wheel speed sensors.
01:17 And these would be done through a digital input.
01:21 And we can choose the function from the drop down menu, and then decide on which particular input we want to see wheel speed from.
01:33 And we can choose that, and then setup the sensor.
01:36 We can also calibrate it to suit the diameter, and the number-- The diameter of the wheel and also the number of pickups per revolution that the sensor is seeing.
01:48 So, we need to do that first.
01:49 As I say, our data is coming via can.
01:52 Another area we do need to look at though, is the allocation of those wheel speed sensors and how that's going to be used by the software.
02:02 And that can be done down in the Chassis and Body menu.
02:06 And you can see we have the option here that's called "Speed Sources".
02:10 Now if we click on that, we can choose our--, what speed source will be used as our driven wheel speed and our non-driven wheel speed.
02:18 And normally, if we've got sensors fitted to all four wheels, which we do here, we will be wanting to use the average of both the front and rear.
02:26 Particularly, with a two-wheel drive car like this, you wanna use the average, which will take into account if you've got a loose differential, which allows some inside wheel spin.
02:39 So, that's where we want to do our input configuration.
02:43 Then we can have a look now at our actual launch control menu.
02:48 And we've got our options as to how we want to configure the launch control.
02:55 And all of the actual setup and tuning of the launch control system is going to be done inside this menu structure here.