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PDM Installation & Configuration: Step 3: Input & Output Pin Layout

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Step 3: Input & Output Pin Layout


00:00 - The 3rd step of the HPA 6 step PMU setup process is to determine the input and output pin connections to the PMU.
00:08 Decisions around output pin assignment are primarily based on current handling capacity of the available pins and what control functions, like PWM for example, each pin supports.
00:19 Keep in mind that many PMUs support paralleling output channels in the case that you need to power a single device that draws more current than a single channel can provide.
00:29 Also, keep in mind that you want to spread the load around the PMU as much as possible.
00:35 Instead of grouping many separate loads onto a single output and running it close to its limit, try and spread them out over a couple of outputs if it's possible.
00:43 Decisions around the assignment of input pins are based first on the input source.
00:48 For any inputs that are going to come in via CAN, well this decision is mostly already made, as these inputs will just be data on the CAN high and CAN low wires.
00:56 Some PMUs have multiple CAN bus ports and using these can allow communication with separate networks in the vehicle that operate at different bus speeds.
01:05 Wired inputs will take on one of two forms, either analog or digital.
01:10 Assign these as required but make sure to check in the PMU documentation to see if any inputs need to be on specific input pins.
01:17 The turn on signal for a PMU being a pretty common example of this.
01:21 The key goal of this step is to generate a complete pin out description for the PMU and check that everything on the lists we've created in steps 1 and 2 have been accounted for.

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