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Practical Diesel Tuning: Off the Shelf Tunes

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Off the Shelf Tunes


00:00 - While we're discussing tuning options, we also need to consider the wide range of preconfigured or off the shelf tunes that are available from some of the big players in the diesel performance market.
00:09 These can come in a number of different varieties including sending your ECU to a tuning shop or buying a pre configured flash tuning module that you use to load the tune into your ECU.
00:19 These are definitely a step ahead of the piggyback modules that we discussed previously and they can be a really good option.
00:25 Particularly if you're buying a complete upgrade package from a respected tuner then this can present a good cost effective upgrade path.
00:32 Often, several tunes can be loaded by the end user depending on what you're using the truck for, be it performance, economy, towing light, towing heavy.
00:41 The downside however with this option is that in most instances you have little control over the results and you're relying on your own engine configuration closely matching whatever the original tune was designed for.
00:52 You're also at the mercy of the tuner who you have trusted your hard earned cash to and if they don't know what they're doing, it's quite possible you can be left with an expensive mess to clean up.
01:02 While this sort of tuning solution is perfect for a large segment of the market, the fact that you've invested in this course, suggests that you want to have full control over your engine tuning and the ability to tailor your tune to the exact modifications and application, meaning this option is unlikely to be for you.
01:17 If you do go down this path, I'd recommend you do your homework and deal with a tuner who has good credentials and the ability to support your exact modifications.