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Practical Diesel Tuning: 1. Download The Stock ROM File

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1. Download The Stock ROM File


00:00 - The first step in the process is to take a read of the vehicle.
00:03 This vehicle has an engine control module and a trans control module, being a 2005 Duramax, we're not going to be working too much in the trans control module here in the beginners course, but we are going to be working the engine controller just the same we're going to read both controllers.
00:16 So I have my pass through device which is my EFI Live V2.
00:18 I have my laptop, I'm going to connect my laptop to my pass through device, and then my pass through device to the OBD port.
00:24 Then I'm going to turn the key on.
00:29 Then go to tune.
00:32 Click auto detect and there I can see my two controllers, the E60 is the LLY and the AL5.
00:39 For this read I'm going to click read on E60.
00:42 During this process you want to take care not to disturb the cables, open the door, make any changes or abrupt movements that might disconnect the OBD cord from the pass through device or the pass through device from the computer.
00:54 The vehicle has been read, it's asking me to turn the key off.
00:58 I'll turn the key off and then I'll start the countdown.
01:05 The countdown is complete and now I can see some data relating to my file, has the VIN number, the operating system, some other things about the controller.
01:13 The next thing I'm going to do is go and save my file.
01:16 For this customer I have a folder that's titled with the customer's VIN number and I'm going to save that stock file under that folder.
01:24 Go to save as, select the VIN number, there it is.
01:29 So I have E60, the last six worked really well for this at 889814, that's the unique identifier serialisation for the vehicle.
01:37 If I ever come across this vehicle two years, three years, five years in the future I can search my records and usually find that six digit number.
01:44 So E60 is the controller type, the serial and stock.
01:49 And I'll click save.
01:50 And then just to make sure that I don't save over the stock file, I'm going to save the file again.
01:55 And this time I'm going to save it as mod and that's my clue that this is the file that I'm modifying and that way if I accidentally click save I'm not going to overwrite my stock file and have to start from zero.
02:08 There we go so now I have a stock original file and I have a stock file that I can work from to build my tune.