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Practical Diesel Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Nick Priegnitz and I'd like to welcome you to High Performance Academy's Practical Diesel Tuning course.
00:04 While I'm presenting the course for High Performance Academy, I'm also the founder of Duramax Tuner in the U.S.
00:10 I founded this company back in 2007 and over the years I've tuned literally thousands of diesel trucks.
00:15 Everything from stock street driven trucks, through to competition trucks producing upwards of 2000 horsepower.
00:21 This course builds on the knowledge taught in our Diesel Tuning Fundamentals course, and shows you how to apply this knowledge in a practical sense to make tuning changes to late model diesel engines.
00:30 Over the past decades, we've seen the technology applied to the modern crop of common rail diesel engine advance dramatically and along with this technology, we've seen the power, torque levels and fuel economy climb.
00:41 With the advent of electronic controls, turbochargers and the significant design overhead, this has also given us in the aftermarket unparalleled control over tuning of diesel engines and in many cases there can be dramatic improvements had.
00:53 When it comes to diesel tuning however, there's a distinct lack of knowledge which has made it hard for budding diesel tuners to learn what changes need to be made and how to apply them.
01:02 This is made worse because many tuners have come from gasoline tuning backgrounds and naturally try to deal with the diesel engine in the same way as they would a gasoline engine which simply won't get you very far.
01:13 As you'll find in this course, the operation of the diesel engine and the approaches for making tuning changes are dramatically different from what you'd be used to in a gasoline engine.
01:21 The aim of this course is therefore to give you a solid understanding of the principles of diesel tuning and how those principles can be applied in a practical sense.
01:27 These concepts will be backed up by practical examples on the dyno to reinforce what you've learned in the body of the course.
01:33 The course assumes you already have a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of diesel engines and high pressure diesel fuel systems.
01:39 And as such, it continues from our Diesel Tuning Fundamentals course.
01:43 To get the mot out of the Practical Diesel Tuning course, I strongly recommend that you consider taking the fundamentals course first if you haven't already done so.
01:51 The course assumes that you'll be using a commercial or open source package of software/hardware to allow you to tune and reflash the factory ECU that's fitted on the truck.
01:59 Alternatively, there are now a number of aftermarket ECUs designed for diesel engines and this course will help you tune on those as well.
02:06 This course does not however teach you how to reverse engineer the factory ROM file and find relevant maps within it.
02:11 This is an advanced topic and we believe it's beyond the abilities of the majority of tuners watching this course.

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