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Practical Diesel Tuning: 1. Download The Stock ROM File

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1. Download The Stock ROM File


00:00 - So we're inside the truck, I have my laptop, I have HP Tuners pulled up, that is their VCM editor.
00:07 Now there's a variety of hardwares and software you can use to tune a 2017 Ford.
00:11 I've selected HP Tuners because in my opinion it has the best selection of tables for the tuning application, that is I have access to a number of timing and fuel pressure and all the tables I want to see to make the power level that I'm looking for.
00:24 In my experience, HP Tuners has a really good scan tool for this platform as well so wide variety of PIDs, all the stuff I'm looking for.
00:33 It's my favourite software and hardware package for this platform, you may have your own, that's fine.
00:39 The steps are probably going to be pretty similar.
00:42 So I have a USB cable plugged in from my laptop to the HPT dongle which is then plugged into the ALDL connector and I have the VCM editor suite up.
00:52 I'm going to reach in and go key on.
00:55 So we're key on, then I'm going to toggle over to this flash chip with the green arrow on it and that is read and I'm going to click read.
01:08 OK so the truck is prompting me or the program is prompting me whether I want to read the ECM or the TCM, if I want to read the whole thing or skip it.
01:15 I'm going to read a full, read entire on the ECM and the TCM.
01:21 Program has prompted me to turn the ignition off and wait 3 seconds and turn the ignition back on and click OK.
01:27 So it's read the ECM and now it's going to read the TCM.
01:30 Alright so our TCM file is just about done.
01:33 Turn ignition off, wait 3 seconds, 2, 3, turn ignition back on.
01:39 Alright and now it's prompting us to save the file and it's picked my last folder for saving.
01:44 And then I'm going to title these, so these are going to be saved as a pair, the ECM and TCM are going to be saved as a pair and now this file is saved.
01:50 Now the smart thing to do is to save a duplicate file here.
01:54 You want to have that separate file saved so that if you accidentally make edits to this file and save over it, it's not your only version.
02:01 So I'm going to go to file, save as, and that duplicate file just means that I have 2 chances to mess this up.
02:07 So when we go to edit we're going to of course save as version 1 or mod file but I just want to make sure that if I accidentally save over the stock file that I have that duplicate I can always go back to.