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Practical Diesel Tuning: 2. Prepare The Vehicle For Tuning

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2. Prepare The Vehicle For Tuning


00:00 OK so we've read the stock calibration out of the truck and we're getting ready to build our base cal.
00:06 But before we do that, I know it's tempting to get right in and start tuning the truck.
00:09 Before we do that, let's check the mechanical shape of the truck.
00:12 What that means to me is first, check for diagnostic trouble codes, is the check engine light on? If it is, what are the codes for, is there anything that needs to be addressed before we tune it? You're never going to have the time to go back to the customer that's better than now.
00:25 If anything breaks after you tune this truck, that's on you.
00:29 If there's any issue that presents afterwards, keep in mind you've already tuned it.
00:33 What you want to do in my opinion, take the truck for a drive, get a nice datalog of it, if there's any rail pressure issues, address those beforehand so you're looking for desired rail pressure and actual rail pressure tracked together.
00:46 Does desired boost and actual boost track together? If you can do a boost test to the compressor cover, excellent, do that before you start tuning the truck.
00:54 That's going to ensure that your intercooling system and charge air system has a good integrity and that all that boost that the turbocharger's making is going into the motor.
01:01 What else? Look for leaks, look for any indication of transmission issues.
01:05 Talk to the customer, how is the truck used, was it bought used, is there any issues that the customer's noticed before we get into tuning? It's really important that we address those maintenance issues and the truck's in a good state of repair before we tune it.
01:19 Remember, we're taking advantage of the overhead that's available on the platform.
01:23 By overhead I mean any extra air, any extra fuel that's available.
01:27 So if the fuel filter's dirty, if the air filter's dirty, if the transmission's been abused, that overhead is diminshed.
01:34 There's no longer extra air, extra fuel to use.
01:36 We want to make sure we address those things before we jump in and do that base cal.