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Practical Diesel Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - Hi I'm Nick with High Performance Academy.
00:02 Today we're going to be doing a worked example on a 2017 Ford F350.
00:06 It's equipped with a 6.7 litre Powerstroke.
00:09 The truck has no mods so it has factory exhaust, otherwise stock.
00:13 We're looking for about 80 extra rear wheel horsepower, something that's fun yet durable, good balance between drivability, towing performance and longevity on the platform.
00:23 We're going to be following the HPA 5 step process which includes reading the stock file, preparing the vehicle for testing, configuring a base tune.
00:32 So we're going to walk through and go through all the maps that we're going to start with on the base file and we're going to optimise the tune and then take the truck out on the road and test it.